środa, 27 maja 2009

Not much to say, really

OK, so the Champions League final is over. As a Real Madrid fan, I can't really say that the score is of no concern to me and that I'm not dissapointed with Manchester's loss -- because it is of concern and I am disappointed (moreover, I kind of like the Red Devils), but I'm reasonable enough to see that Barcelona deserved the win so I'm not going to cry about it. At least not too much.

On the Wikimania frontline, we had an international meeting today (at the same time as the final, for heavens' sake!) , including -- among others -- Cary Bass of the WMF. What's new? Out of the decisions I mentioned in the previous entry the most important is that we're setting up a non-profit association to manage the organisation of Wikimania 2010. This is a big step forward in the sense that now we know what we're aiming at. Still, there's a long way to go.

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